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Whats The Best Server?

Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap28%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 28% [ 15 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap25%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 25% [ 13 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap13%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 13% [ 7 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap6%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 6% [ 3 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap17%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 17% [ 9 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap2%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 2% [ 1 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap8%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 8% [ 4 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap2%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 2% [ 1 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap0%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 0% [ 0 ]
Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_lcap0%Idiocracy! HeHe I_vote_rcap 0% [ 0 ]

Total Votes : 53


Idiocracy! HeHe

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Idiocracy! HeHe Empty Idiocracy! HeHe

Post by jedi on 16/11/2011, 10:43 am

How funny is this.............the first top voted servers on Talisman Online Top 100 are the emptiest servers here....even most hamachi server have more players than Divinity and Shaman....................See what u get when your priority is VOTING instead of making server fun and make players happy..................what did u think will happen if you annoy people with stupid votes and T-points??!!! At least you are the top servers! lol! lol! lol! even thou, there are no players. lol! lol!

Good Luck!!!!!!

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