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Post by Kartusbh on 6/6/2012, 12:56 am

Sorry that I;m posting in this part of the Forum, but its the part which is mostly viewed and the latest post were here.
So i was playing oblivion talisman, but it's closed 4ever Sad. It was 80lvl max, combine +10, Golden drop max, Nice XP rate, almost on enchance,
there were some new sets. At one point it was very good. But after that they started adding new sets, which were almost the same as the old ones, non balanced rings. And of course at the end they started giving PVP pills and XP fruits as gifts, which actually brought about the closing of the server.
So my question is:
can some1 suggest me a server (non hamachi) which is close to real TO. Free TPs and no insane items ( like amulets +10, which give 10% dodge and cs).
The ultimate server for me is something like:
max lvl 70-80
pet lvl 25-30
max drop golden
combine +10
not very hard 50-60 lvl sets
new 60-70 sets
if possible changed caves( like DS or LC changed for 70+lvls which are like PRSC, where u actually need full team with dmgrs and fairys)
xp rate not too much but at least x10 or something like that
and most importantly : ENGLISH SPEAKING GMs WHO ARE NOT BR
actually with few words. I;m looking for Dark Age TO with new sets and caves
and Large gems in T-shop.
I'll be very gratefull if u suggest me something.
And again, i;m sr that i;m posting here:)


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Talisman server Empty Re: Talisman server

Post by jedi on 10/6/2012, 2:22 pm

If u want a low server play Frozen Talisman, for me it was good, used to drop a golden item every 1-2 hours now over 15 hours no even 1 golden item...i am annoyed.
Try it u might like it

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