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How to connect to Hamachi!

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How to connect to Hamachi!

Post by jedi on 6/3/2011, 6:19 pm

First download the program, here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

After you downloaded and installed Hamachi, click on the power button to turn on, when you on, click on Networks, than click "Join an Existing Network"
Than where it says " Network ID" put in the info from the server website that you want to play, exemple: servertalisman1 , if number 1 is full use other number, usually they got at least up to number 9.
Where is says "Password" put the password from they website and click "Join" .

Now u get a list of other players connected or offline in the Hamachi box, you look for the one named "Server" usually that's the one you click, some other server have the server name in place of "server",

Now double click on the "server", now you get a small black window that says "Ping 5.299.348,333,67: bytes=32 time=211ms TTL=64" (this is only an exemplar, you get the IP of the server displayed there)
If you get that reply one after the other nonstop it means you are connected to the server, so now you can go to the server website and register, after you register, download the game if you did not already download it.
Than connect to server and play.

If you dont get those replies one after the other and you see, connection "Time out"
try again, if still dont work, click the big button on top to turn off Hamachi and than turn it back on, and double click on "server" and see if you can connect, if you still cant, try another number "servertalisman8" and find server or server name and double click.
Hope this helps.


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